Dynamic DJ Services Including Hosting Programs and Party Games

To complete the fun and entertainment, FreshGroove DJ Services in Newport News, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Suffolk and Richmond, VA, provides hosting services for party games and program segments. Owing to my infectious brand of party hosting, expect your guests to join the games and the dancing.

Charming Party Game Host
Aside from the music mixes I create, I am also at my best element as a charming party emcee who coaxes guests to enjoy your parties more. Count on me for exciting party game hosting featuring the following contests:

• Swing Dance 
• Roller Jazz
• Scramble Board Artist  • Poetic Justice  • Guess Who's the Artist

Deposits Required
I offer a flat rate of $400 for four hours of my party DJ services. The rate applies to both big and small events. No deposits are required if you pay the flat rate and full payments must be made before the start of any event. There will be a $150 deposit if you do not pay the flat rate fee. Additionally, I accept donations amounting to $150 for two-hour auditions. Your guests get free CDs and various other giveaways in the parties and events that I serve.

Girls Partying

Contact me in Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Suffolk and Richmond, VA, for immediate bookings for my DJ services and bonus hosting inclusions for programs and party games.